WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro and WC Subscription Variable Products

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Arjan Kampman asked 7 months ago

Does the WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro plugin work with WC Subscription variable products? Thanks in advance!

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Kibria Staff answered 7 months ago

Dear Arjan, Thanks for your interest in our product. Currently, we do not have support for WC Subscription products. We have plans to include support in our next update. Thanks a lot.

Arjan answered 7 months ago

Thx for your quick answer. When you expect this feature? Linking it to just the variable product and not all the variations would be enough. Also link 1 serial to 1 product with 2 id’s due to translations would be great. Now a serial links to an ID and not to an overall product.

William Huang answered 5 months ago

What about variable products?   I\’m trying to upload a CSV files with the product numbers corresponding to the different variations and I\’m seeing a lot of strange behavior.

Alex Raccuglia replied 3 weeks ago

Me too.

Kibria Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Alex,
Follow this documentation to correctly import products. You can get product ID for each variation from the product meta section.

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