WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro order status when checkout is allowed without serial numbers

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Jakub S. asked 1 year ago

I just wanted to ask, we bought WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro and we are facing issue that we want customers to be able to buy even when there is no stock buy those orders are automatically “finished” even that there is no code in that order, is it possible to make it somehow that orders without serial number are not getting the same status as the orders with serial numbers? So basically when an item is out of stock and bought, the order will get different order status than finished.
Thank you.

Kibria replied 1 year ago

Hi Jakub,
If you have the auto-complete orders option selected then this confusion will arise. There are options to avoid this problem. You can use the Generator Rules to bulk create serial numbers. There is also an option to auto-create serial numbers and assign them right after the order is complete. BTW we are rewriting WooCommerce Serial Numbers. We may exclude the checkout without serial number option in the new version. Using the notification option will keep you on the safe side. Thank you.

Jakub S. replied 1 year ago

Hi Kibria,
we are not using generated codes but imported. Also it would be good if you can add txt import support and make it like you can choose the product where you want to upload codes and set expire date in import settings for codes what u gonna import, then you don’t need to include it in that txt / csv file.
Don’t know how to solve this thing so we need to check all orders one by one if it contain serial key, cause sometimes there are codes in pending state for couple minutes and when someone buy in that time and we don’t have more keys in stock, that order is without key. Wish i can at least sort it by orders without serial keys.

Kibria replied 1 year ago

Hi Jakub,
Thank you for your input. We will try to add .txt import support. We will think about the orders without serial keys problem more and update you on our decision.

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