WooCommerce Serial Numbers: Is there bulk manual SN entry?

SupportCategory: WooCommerce Serial NumbersWooCommerce Serial Numbers: Is there bulk manual SN entry?
Bill Huang asked 8 months ago

Hi. I’m doing manual SN entry one at a time with WooCommerce Serial Numbers but it’s very time consuming (I have over 1000 SN’s to enter). Our app developer built a separate PHP to generate valid SN’s in bulk to a .txt file. Rather than re-doing that work to connect the SN generation to the Serial Number app I wonder if it is possible for Serial Number to allow bulk manual SN data entry.

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Kibria Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Bill, I am not sure which version of the WooCommerce Serial Numbers you are using. It appears like you are using the free version. The free version offers the basic features and it does not include bulk serial number generation. The premium version, on the other hand, offers a handful option to deal with bulk serial numbers. You have the option to import bulk serial number or create generator rules and make serial numbers as much as you need. You can learn about the generator rules and bulk serial number creation here. If you have further query please let us know.

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