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Emile asked 2 years ago

Hi! When I select an existing order in the back-end via menu WOOCOMMERCE – ORDERS and I open that order. I have the ability to add a serial number. Of course, I select my product which has the setting \”Manually generated serial number\”. Because I have imported a list of approx 850 serials via a CSV file.  But when I click the \” Add a serial number\” it generates an automatic serial number and not one from my list. And daily I got a message that the serial stock numbers are running low. But I have only 1 product. Please help!

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Staff Writer Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Emile,
I have checked your problem and found that adding a serial number from the order page takes a number from the license table. I made serial numbers manually and those manually added serial numbers were being assigned while I tried to add new serial numbers. Please check this documentation page for a perfect setting and stay out of unwanted notifications.

Emile answered 2 years ago

Solved. I had a few left overs in the list ;-(
I am really(!) sorry for the inconvenience. But…. I still receive every day a message that my serial stock is running low. My limit in the dashboard is 5. And I have over 800 serials imported and still available. Any idea?

kibria replied 2 years ago

Did you try opting out from the email notifications? Please connect to our live support section.

Emile answered 2 years ago

The forum was strange and very slow responding….. I pushed the SUBMIT button multiple times….

kibria replied 2 years ago

Your comment was posted for nine times.

Emile replied 2 years ago

Yes I know. This was NOT my intention!! As I said, I pushed the SUBMIT button but nothing happend. So I tried a few more times. The forum was slow responding.

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