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Jon Arnold asked 4 years ago

So I just purchased Woo Category Slider Pro Version. I installed the pro version plugin by downloading the zip file from the members account and uploading it into the WP Plugins. The plugin title states Woo Category Slider Pro. I’m developing a website on my local machine using my Wampserver – it’s not working. 

I placed the full short code into the TEXT area (not the visual) of the WYSIWYG for the page I need, but it’s NOT showing on the public side of the website. Only shows the text of the short code. I’m on a deadline and REALLY needed this to work out of the zip file. Waste of time and disappointed – don’t buy unless you have a LIVE website because i have a strong feeling local website development the plugin doesn’t support. : ( 
Please prove me wrong.

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Manik Staff answered 4 years ago

The plugin works without considering the environment whether its a live or development.
Did you go through the documentation of the plugin?
If not please check from here https://www.pluginever.com/docs/woo-category-slider-plugin-documentation/

Make sure you have done those:

  1. WooCommerce category have images
  2. Placed the shortcode in text mode in WYSIWYG editor not in visual mode
  3. There is not extra carecters with the shortocode
  4. The category dose have products

If you are still in trouble with the plugin. Please put the site somewhere on the web and send us link, So we can check and diagnosis.

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