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dream asked 1 year ago

I want to show the same slider on the different pages, but it doesn’t, it shows just on one page. I copypasted the same shortcode in the page creation editor.

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Kibria Staff answered 1 year ago

It appears that you can successfully set the slider as it appears in one page. You can use the same slider in multiple pages without any problem. You must have made a mistake during the copy paste phase. If you still face similar problem after careful revision, please check that no other plugin is responsible for it. Some plugins may have conflict with WooCommerce Category Slider. Other than that, there is no issue.

dream answered 1 year ago

Well, the problem is when I copy exactly the same settings, it doen\’t appear either. The most right way I think is to post the same shortcode for the English page, but that way it doesn\’t work. But if I create a new slider without settings at all, it works. So: I have Slider1 on the Russian pas just fine. When I try to copy the shortcode of Slider1 to English page, it doesn\’t work. When I create Slider2 with the exact same settings as Slider1 and post the shortcode for Slider2 to English page, it doesn\’t work. When I create Slider3 with default settings, it works on English page, but I need the same settings as in Slider1.

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