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Virginia Reali asked 2 years ago

Category Images not showing on Firefox:

This is a recent issue.  The images for the categories are not showing on the slider.  I have deactivated all plugins to try and resolve.  I have tried using different themes but nothing is fixing the issue.  I use WP Rocket and have deselected image lazyload.  Even with WP Rocket deactivated, the images would still not show.

On Firefox the category images are missing, there is no issue with Chrome.  I am using Category Slider Pro and would really like to try and get this sorted out.

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Staff Writer Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Virginia,
Thank you for reporting the issue of “Category images are not showing on Firefox” with us. We have inspected this issue, but did not find anything unusual in Firefox.

We will share screenshots of how the sliders appeared for us below:
WordPress 4.9.9 – Browser Firefox: http://prntscr.com/m1sy21
WordPress 5.0.2 – Browser Firefox:  http://prntscr.com/m1sxwz
As you can see that we did not face any problem with the category images. It is very hard to predict the real issue happening with you.

First of all, we suggest you to clear the cache of Firefox and try again.
Secondly, the WP WooCommerce Category Slider has a new update. Get the update.
Finally, if the problem persists then try to connect with our live support team. They will take good care of and offer a quick solution.

Do not forget to inform us about the update. Thanks again, Take care.

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