What’s the proper formatting for a CSV file for bulk import with WooCommerce Serial Numbers?

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Dan Marek asked 1 year ago

Hi there, I have upgraded to the Pro plugin for WooCommerce Serial Numbers to bulk import serial numbers, but I’m getting an error whenever I try to upload a CSV file, the error I get is that the CSV file is empty, but it’s not.

I’m not sure what the correct way to upload a CSV file is, so that the plugin understands which product the serial numbers are for, etc. I checked the support documentation but didn’t see anything about formatting the CSV files in there. Thanks in advance.

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Staff Writer Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Dan, Create one serial number with the plugin and export it. The exported CSV file will give you best insight about the format and fields of the serial numbers. Create the bulk list following the exported CSV format then import them. Hope you have got the point. Thanks a lot.

Dan answered 1 year ago

Thanks so much, I wish I had thought of that! 🙂

kibria replied 1 year ago

It’s alright. You are always welcome.

William Huang answered 1 year ago

Follow up question.    I\’m getting \”Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Unable to decrypt your encrypted string. in /app/public/wp-content/plugins/wc-serial-numbers/includes/class-cryptolib.php:92 Stack trace: \”  I think in the second of the cvs file, labeled \”serial_key\”, it expect to see encoded data noit clear data.  I sthere an API I can use to encode my serial_key?

William Huang replied 1 year ago

… second *column” of the cvs file …

William Huang answered 1 year ago

Never mind I’d like to retract my question.  It turns out Excel was converting my manually generated serial numbers to exponential form.  When I changed it back to full digits it worked I was able to import the manually generated SN’s into Serial Number.

kibria replied 1 year ago

It is nice to hear that everything is working fine. Thanks a lot.

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