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Michael Lurie asked 2 years ago

I just purchased the WooCommerce Category Showcase Pro and I have several problems with it.

  • In your demo, you show on the left a picture with “Fluro Big Pullover” and some “Lorem”-Text. Where can I set such a text? If I have to use the category-description to enter such text – it’s kind of annoying to use. Such text should belong to “customizing”.
  • On my page, the previous and next symbols are not displayed correctly. It’s something like “>NEXT”
  • How is it possible that you have absolutely no setting to adjust the sliders speed?
  • How is it possible to set sizes of regions? In your sample, the first picture is a square 2×2.


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Staff Writer Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Michael,
Sorry to hear that you are facing several problems with our WooCommerce Category Showcase Pro.

The first thing you mentioned about the description is correct. You have to set it in the category description. There is no customizer yet, but we are keeping this as a suggestion. The button text is fully customizable and I suggest you take full advantage of it.

The previous and next symbols are working correctly on our side. Please share us the link of your category showcase page so that we can identify the problem and offer a solution.

Next, about the slider speed. There are no slider speed settings yet, but we will offer this feature in our next update.

The sizing is automatic. If you add more than three additional categories (with a column size of 1) like 4,5 or 6 then it will make the first picture 2*2. Selecting 6 additional categories (with a column size of 1) will offer you an excellent showcase. If you choose the column size of 3 then only two additional categories will be enough to generate something like this. You can customize this section as you wish with different column size, but the maximum column size is 3 for each section.

Thank you very much. If you need further help with WooCommerce Category Showcase Pro feel free to contact us again.

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