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RK asked 4 months ago

Hi, I am trying to use WP Content Pilot for YouTube videos. It works nicely. But, I would like the featured image to use the remote URL from YouTube instead of being added to the media file so I can save disk space. Is this possible? Thanks.

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Kibria Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi RK,
Thanks for your interest in our plugin. Sorry to inform you that it is not permissible to use resources from other servers. If you want to feature an image then you have to stick with the current system. Hope you got the point. Thank you. 

RK answered 4 months ago

Thanks for your reply…
I ask because I am thinking of buying your plug-in or WordPress Automatic.
They have this feature so I thought you might have it too.

Version 3.43.0 (11 February 2019)
- NEW: Integration with Featured image from URL plugin instead of Nelio for external featured images

kibria Staff replied 4 months ago

Thanks again for sharing this with us but it is not about YouTube.

Rk answered 4 months ago

You must not understand what I am saying.
When your plug-in does auto post, it pulls the YouTube image from the API as the featured image and saves it to media.
The other plug-in does not save the featured image to media.  It displays the image by hotlinking to the url from the YouTube API instead.
So, all the images are not saved to the media folder on your server.

kibria Staff replied 4 months ago

I got your point from your first message. It is not fair to use resources from other servers that you are not paying for. We will look further into it to check if it is implementable. Thank you.

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