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Phil asked 1 year ago

Hi, I have WP rehub theme on Firefox. WP Content Pilot is finding some articles but when you go check post. you got the title and an extract… then “read more +” button. Read more do not open to article/post, it searches and comes back the same page with extracts. Tried with manual post and its ok (no WPCP). What should I do? Thanks for the plugin! Have a good day.

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Staff Writer Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Phil, I have tested the issue and the “read more” worked fine for me. There must be something else responsible for this. Will you please share your campaign settings with me. Here is a post generated by WP Content Pilot on the archive page. When I click on the continue reading option it takes me to the full article. Please share us your campaign settings.

Phil replied 1 year ago

Hi Kibria, thanks for coming back to me. I think its a settings problem in my WP and I dont see how to manage it. I did other tests today and all articles show in page widget but cannot be opened, or I lost them as simple as that. Where are they? Thats what I’ll have to figure out 🙂 I have deactivated your plugin for now until I find a solution. Do you guys do free set-up when customer is a bit lost? Thanks again!

kibria replied 1 year ago

Hi Phil, IWe are here to assist you but the free set up falls under our premium support. Did you try changing the theme and check what results does it produce? I worked with the default 2019 theme and did not face any problem. Please give us something to work with so we can find a solution for you.

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