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Lucie de Saint-Etienne asked 3 years ago

Hello, I bought the paid version and when I want to change the color of the background, or other settings nothing changes, there is only the theme that changes if I decide but otherwise nothing works. Can you explain to me why it does not work? In addition, I would like to change the font because it does not go at all!

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Manik Staff answered 3 years ago

Thank you Lucie for contacting us. Can you please set a temporary admin account for us to check the issue?

Lucie de Saint-Etienne answered 3 years ago

Thank you. Yes, can I get an email address where I can send a Temporary Login Accounts? Thank you

Ben Walters answered 3 years ago

Hello, we are having similar issues. We aren\’t able to save any color or auto-play settings. I have tried submitting the issue directly to Support but have not heard back in over 2 weeks. Could you please advise? Thank you, [email protected]:

PluginEver Staff replied 3 years ago

Hello Kurt can you please send temporary admin credentials to [email protected]?

Kurt Knapek replied 3 years ago


We have set up admin credentials with [email protected]. Do you have time to take a look today (June 26, 2018)?
Thank you.

PluginEver Staff replied 3 years ago

Hello Kurt,
I have checked your site I found that Our plugin page is not even loading because of a plugin that you are using “Call Now” its generating error code which is blocking the plugin to work properly. Please check by disabling your installed plugin one by one to fix the problem.

Kurt Knapek replied 3 years ago

We have disabled the Call Now plugin but still have display issues within the PluginEver plugin. The call-now-button.js error no longer exists. Could you please take another look?

Kurt Knapek replied 3 years ago

Hello, hoping you can take another look from your end today. Thanks!

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