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Jason chan asked 2 years ago

During order deliver, an extra “For” is added. (EX: Serial Number for for Order #{order_number}). It should be turned to Serial Number for Order #{order_number}. Also, It would be nice if we could customize the email where we could change the table names and email subject/title. An update adding those would be nice 🙂

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Staff Writer Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks a lot for pointing out that mistake. We are preparing an update and of course, those issues will be resolved. You are expecting to release the update on February. Keep an eye for the update.

Jason chan answered 2 years ago

Cool! 2 more things…

  1. With the email and delivery (inside the order complete email and the payment complete page), the serial numbers will always display as “Hello World” instead of an actual key with the way I set it up. I can send you more info on that if you would like. The real key is then delivered to the email separately as an order note (With subject being “Serial Key for order number #{order number}, of course”). It can sometimes be confusing for customers if they see their serial key be “Hello world” in the checkout page/order complete email, and then receive the key later in another email. Note that this bug only appears when you select for the serial to be delivered upon order completion, not payment pending
  2. Although text of the email is changeable, when inputting enters (new line), it does not appear in email delivery. I have not tried to reformat the message as html, as that may help, or using \n, but for regular users with no coding knowledge, that may be frustrating not being able to add new lines to their serial number delivery message.
    1. EX:
      1. Inputted text:Thanks! (Enter or return) Your Key is as follows: XXXXX (Enter or return) Please contact us for any additional support.
      2. Output email text: Thanks!  Your Key is as follows: XXXXX Please contact us for any additional support.

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