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Mark asked 2 years ago

I uploaded 100 serial numbers with the importer of WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO and I can see them as applied to a specific product. However, when I view my product, it shows 0 serial numbers available.

PluginEver Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Mark Are you on the same product page you added serial numbers?

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Staff Writer Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Mark,
Hope you have done everything right. If you have applied those serials to a specific product then it should be alright. You should notice that there is a field called the product id in the CSV. To stay on the safe side we recommend you to first create a serial number and export it to get the exact format. Following the exact format should produce desired results. There is not count for serial numbers on the product page. The only place to view them is the serial numbers table. Apart from that, if you are referring to the notification section where the count may show wrong due to cron. It takes some time to update. You may have the privilege to set custom cron on your server. Hope your confusion is satisfied if not please write back. Thanks a lot.

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