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Richard Detering asked 1 year ago

I import articles in the Dutch language. Added the correct keywords. However, most of the results are not related to the keywords at all, even after putting the core keywords between quotes. Please assist. Thanks!

Д о б р ы й д е н ь ! Н а п о м и н а е м о В а ш е м в ы и г р ы ш н о м б и л е т е Г о с Л о т о ! П о л у ч и т е в ы и г р ы ш : THRT1652096NFDAW

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Staff Writer Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Richard,
The language should not be a problem. Test if your keyword produces decent results in search engines like Google. Use precise keywords, maybe a long tail keyword. Let us know if there is any improvement. Thank you.

Staff Writer Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Richard,
Sorry that you could not view your answer. If you log in, then it could solve the problem. We use the Bing Search Engine. Please try with Bing and confirm that it produces your desired results. Thank you.

Josef Aziz answered 1 week ago

Do you still face the problem? If yes, just let us know. You can optimize your feed effectively by following this article.

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