Impossible to select subscription product in WooCommerce Serial Numbers

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Matthieu Arnold asked 7 months ago

Good afternoon,
I’m trying to add my fisrt serial number after installing your plugins, but only simple products are in the list, while I need serial numbers for subscriptions.
Any way to fix this? I’m most probably not the only one who needs this, most softwares nowadays are sold through subscriptions.

Best regards

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Staff Writer Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi Matthieu,
We do not have support for subscription products yet but we have the plan to add support. Thank you for your suggestion.

Matthieu Arnold replied 7 months ago

It seems to be possible to add serial numbers on a simple products, then change it to a subscription.
The only thing missing would be to match the serial number validity with the subscription end date.
I sure hope you’ll be able to do it.
Best regards

Kibria replied 7 months ago

Thanks for your suggestion. We will add support soon. Thank you.

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