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Earl asked 3 years ago

We have installed and setup the category slider, however it seems to have a black solid background that we cannot remove. can you help?

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Manik Staff answered 3 years ago

Can you please add the slider settings screenshot here?

Manik Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi @Earl, This is because of the theme Jupitar that you are using. The background color is coming from the theme style.

However, you can put the below CSS code in your active theme style.css file Or in the Appearance –> Customize –> Additional CSS section. which will fix the issue.

.plvr-slider .slick-footer, .plvr-slider .slick-header, .slick-slider {
background: none !important;

If you are happy with the support, we will appreciate your time for reviewing our plugin on

Earl answered 3 years ago

Worked perfectly thank you.

Mark Luise answered 3 months ago

You guys are awesome! Always supported

Neon Staff replied 3 months ago

Thanks @mark

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