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Camelle asked 10 months ago

I am using the free version of Woocommerce Category Slider. I am still designing my site, so I don’t want the public to see it yet, but the slider won’t let me see my design unless I make all my products/categories public.
How do I design my site with the plugin in ‘Private’ mode on WordPress?

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Kibria Staff answered 10 months ago

It is actually fairly simple. All you need to do is create a page and publish it privately. Now paste in the shortcode to check the output generated by WooCommerce Category Slider. You can keep this page for test purpose as long as you need. No one else will have access to this page. There is also an option to password protect your page. You may choose that if you wish, but keeping it private will do the job for you. Modify the page from the visibility section while creating the page to take the full advantage. Though the free version is awesome, but takes a look at the demo section of the premium version. It will offer more features and flexibility for you. Finally, if you need further help feel free to let us know again.

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