Auto generated serials are not like generator rules specified in WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro

SupportCategory: WooCommerce Serial Numbers ProAuto generated serials are not like generator rules specified in WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro
Rene Baas asked 9 months ago

When I set generator rules for a variation product (I set one for each variation like IE99-######), this gets neglected upon autogeneration of serials. I then get a alphanumeric code of 27 characters. When I set a prefix per productvariation like IE99-######, I see the prefix returned in the generated serials, however, the following alphanumeric string is still 27 characters long. How can I limit it to 6 chars? (Hence the ######). I want serials like: IE99-293LRW (so exactly the number of #’s I put in)… Thanks in advance!

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Kibria Staff answered 9 months ago

Dear Rene,
The license generation rule from the admin panel and the product page have differences. You will notice that from the admin there is the option to choose the generation type as Random / Sequential but the option is not available from the product page. The generation rule from the product page generates licenses randomly so your limit will not work here. It will ignore the #’s and keep producing alphanumeric strings. If you want to restrict the length then make generation rules from the admin section but you will not be able to set rules for each variation from there. You have to stick with one rule for all variation. Thanks a lot.

Rene Baas replied 9 months ago

Dear Kibria,

Thanks a lot for the explanation. It’s no problem to have one rule for all. Then I choose just a random variation, right? The ‘mother’ product doesn’t appear in the list as it seems. But is it possible to have the plugin generate a serial each time a product is sold? In our case it is used to create unique numbers for gift certificates. We don’t need much rules or activation, just simple unique numbers we can export and track later… Ofcourse we want as little as possible work in the selling procedure. Thanks again!

kibria Staff replied 9 months ago

Dear Rene,
Thanks for reaching us again. If you add serial numbers directly from the product page then it will generate serial numbers and deliver it as the order is placed. Here the random generation rule will take effect and will generate a long alphanumeric string. If the long alphanumeric string is not a problem for you (I don’t think its a problem) then this is the best option for you. You do not have to keep track of the remaining serial numbers as the plugin will generate and deliver a new one with each order. Thanks a lot.

Rene Baas replied 8 months ago

Thanks for explaining this!

Can these generation of the serial numbers be altered somewhere else? I don’t mind adding a filter in custom-functions.php, or directly overriding plugin files within wordpress… But we desperately want to alter automatically generated serials, since the serials in our case need to be hand-written on specially designed giftcards before sending them to clients. To manually copy a 27 digit string isn’t exactly convenient. Not to mention looking strange. 😉

I hope we can arrange something, otherwise I feel this plugin isn’t the right solution for our needs, yet only so close…

kibria Staff replied 8 months ago

Then adding license keys from the product page is not the right option for you. Try adding generator rules for each variation and create serial numbers for that variation. This option works excellent but you have to maintain the license pool periodically (better than 27 copying digit string). Here you have the option to choose sequential order which enables you to control the length of the license key. Thank you.

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