Cart Report for WooCommerce

WooCommerce cart report is a streamlined analytics plugin that keeps track of how many carts and products your customers abandon. Store owners can now keep track of the number of abandoned, open, and converted carts.

Discover the number of abandoned carts in your store by tracking when customers abandon their carts and viewing trends over time with the built-in dashboard and data pages. When someone adds an item to their cart, the plugin begins recording carts.

The plugin will try to associate carts with users as much as possible so that you can see their email addresses for manual follow-up and recovery. Even if the plugin is unable to associate the cart with an email address, it will display the cart’s IP address on the data page.


  • Directly from the dashboard, you can view recent cart activity
  • In the ‘Cart’ section, you can get a complete insight into all types of cart reports
  • A separate report section allows you to view carts by date
  • A Separate report section to view carts by product
  • Product search filter within the report section ‘carts by product’
  • Set the length of the site activity timeout for cart abandonment
  • Set the time range for the “Recent Cart Activity” dashboard widget to display
  • The option to display cart products on the cart index page
  • Option to exclude user roles from seeing the cart tracking report
  • Viewing logged IP addresses is an option
  • The option to enable the automatic removal of old carts
  • Set a validity date to limit cart tracking records and automatically delete expired ones

Purchase License

Plugins subject to yearly license for support and updates.

Technical Details


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