Transaction On WP Ever Accounting

In WP Ever Accounting you will get a feature called Transaction and this handles both revenue and payment addition process. You will get these two following options :

  • Add Revenue
  • Add Payments
Transaction Options


If you click on the Add Revenue the following options will appear on your page. Here you will get to customize your Revenue model which have options like-

  • Date
  • Amount
  • Account
  • Customer
  • Category
  • Payment Method
  • Reference
  • Description
  • Attachment

After you fill up desired and mandatory options which are Date, Amount Account, Category, and payment method, you can save it by submitting it.

Add Revenue

Similarly, if you click on the Add Payment you will get another page to add your data and customize your payment system.

Here you will get some mandatory options that are required for a proper payment process such as Date, Amount, Account and Payment Method. Other than these you will be able to add a reference, vendor, description, and attachments if you want.

Add Payments

Note that you can choose these two options, Payments and revenue both from the dashboard submenu also.  

After you feed your data into these options they will appear on your transaction page.

Transaction Page

If you go to your dashboard from the submenu bar of Accounting you will get to see the status of your transaction changes.

Transaction Status change on WP Ever Accounting Dashboard


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