How to Setup a Campaign

Add New WP Content Pilot Campaign:

To set up a WP Content Pilot Campaign login to your WordPress site admin dashboard and from the left panel, you can find the WP Content Pilot Menu like the below image. Now From The WP Content Pilot menu click on Add New.

WP Content Pilot has 4 types of settings options

  • Campaign Options
  • Post Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Campaign Settings

Campaign Options

To Begin creating a new Campaign set a name for the campaign. Then from the Campaign Options section select the campaign type from campaign type drop-down. You can see
four different types of campaign

  1. Article
  2. Feed
  3. Youtube
  4. Flickr

If you going to set feed type campaign then in the Feed Links fields put the URL of the sites that you want to fetch feeds from. Use (,) comma to separate the URLs. WP Content Pilot will automatically find out the feed link from the site and will grab posts. If you explicitly put the feed links then check the Force Feed option. It will not search for the feed links then instead it will use the URL you submitted.

WP Content Pilot Campaign Options

If you are going to create any campaign other than Feed then in the keywords field put the keywords that you want to get the posts contains. Use (,) comma to separate the keywords.

Min Words

You can set minimum words to accept. Any articles containing fewer words than the defined word number will be ignored.

Content Type

You can select what kind of contents will be posted. If you select HTML then it will post in HTML format. Otherwise, it will post plain text.
Note: If you select text then all the images and hyperlink from the original post will be removed.

Additional Settings

The additional settings is a dynamic one. It will change fields depending upon the campaign selected. You can do a lot with this section. You can set the featured image, remove hyperlinks, Ignore non-English posts etc. Adjust this section as per your requirements.

Posts Settings:

From the Post Settings section, you can define how WP Content Pilot will post the article.

WP Content Pilot – Post Settings

Post Title:

You can set the title of the post. All the fields in this section support short tags. You can all the available tags below the post template field. Suppose the original title of the article is “Hello World” but you want to post as “Hello World – From Mars” then you can set this section as

{title} - From Mars

So, it will append the part with the original title.

Post Template:

This is the main post body. You can append or prepend anything with the newly published post using this section exactly like above post title.

Post Type:

Select type of post using this section. You can select page, posts or any custom posts you might have.

Post Author:

You can define the author of the post using this field.

Post Status:

You can select the status of the post which will be creating by WP Content Pilot. If you want to post immediately then you can select publish otherwise if you want to edit the post after creating then you can set the status as the draft.

Advanced Settings

You can set the Title Length and Content-Length from this section.

WP Content Pilot – Advanced Settings

Campaign Settings

Campaign settings of WP Content Pilot is like the switch of an engine. If you turn is on the engine is on otherwise off.

WP Content Pilot – Campaign Settings


Enable or disable campaign.

Campaign Target:

You can set the number of posts which will be generating using this campaign. When the target will meet the campaign will be disabled automatically.


This is the place where you can define how frequently the campaign will run. You can select in how many hours the campaign will repeat.

Finally, hit the publish button and you will see the first post generated by WP Content Pilot within 5 mins and which will repeat as per your selected frequency.


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