Settings and Features

WooCommerce Min Max Quantities set a personalized minimum and maximum rule for product quantity or price that can be purchased for each product storewide, or just for an individual product.

It’s really easy to use. This documentation will guide you to use this amazing handy plugins.

Step 1:

From the Side menu and from the WooCommerce sub menu the plugin feature will appear.


Step 2:

Select Min Max Quantities then a page will appear for your desired customization. Here you can set your minimum and maximum price range for your store and product and save it.

Free Version WooCommerce Min Max Advanced Settings


In WooCommerce Min Max Pro more additional features will appear both in advanced and general settings such as min-max cart quantity. It will handle carts of your store and also to remove items or products from checkout.

General Settings WooCommerce Min Max Quantities



Advanced Settings of WooCommerce Min Max Quantities Pro


Step 3:

From the product, you can also edit it.


Select Edit Option from Product

Step 4:

Another page for products will appear and from the inventory option, you will be able to set and customize the ranges for the min-max quantity of the product and its price. You can ignore it too with the selected option. For a single order or individual selling option, you can also customize it.

Settings From Product Inventory Option

That will be pretty much all yoy need to do for the free version of the WooCommerce Min Max Quantities plugin.

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