Lead Time for WooCommerce

How To Install and Activate

(Lead Time for WooCommerce plugin will only work/activate if you have already installed and activated the WooCommerce plugin. The minimum MySQL version required is 5.6.)

There are several approaches you can take. We will demonstrate the most common and straightforward methods for installing the plugin.

1. Search and Install

Navigate to the Plugins menu from your WordPress dashboard and select Add New

Enter Lead Time for WooCommerce into the search box and then after finding the plugin, click on Install Now.

After installing the plugin, click on Activate to activate it on your site.

2. Upload the ZIP file

  • First, click here to download the plugin ZIP file.
  • Second, click on the Add Plugins section.
  • Third, click on Choose File to upload the downloaded plugin ZIP file from your computer.
  • Finally, After the installation is complete, click the Activate Plugin button to activate the plugin.

Lead Time for WooCommerce Settings

The plugin settings are divided into 2 column menus: General, and Advanced.

Global Settings

The following options are used to configure the plugin.

Lead time prefix – You can set a prefix for displaying the lead time.

Lead time type – There are two lead time types. One is for Manual Input and the other is set by a Specific Date.

Lead time text – Customizable for inserting info about the remaining time.

Lead time date – Set the lead time date.

Display Settings


The following options control when & where lead time will be shown on the front end.

Show lead time on – You can show your lead time on specific pages. Show either on a Single product page, Cart, Checkout, Shop/category pages, or Order details page.

Show lead times for – You can show lead times for In stock products, Out of stock products, and Products on backorder at the same time.

Lead time prefix color – Set the prefix color based on your preference.

Lead time text color – Set the text color based on your preference.

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