Install and active WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO

WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO requires the free version to be installed and activated. Follow the steps below to properly activate WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO.

NOTE: You must have WooCommerce installed and activated as WooCommerce Serial Numbers works on top of WooCommerce. The minimum required MySQL version is 5.6.

First of all, go to your admin dashboard. Hover over to Plugins and click on Add New.

Add New Plugin

Search for WooCommerce Serial Numbers and from the search result click on Install.

Install WooCommerce Serial Numbers

Once installed click on Activate.

Activate WooCommerce Serial Numbers

You can also download WooCommerce Serial Numbers from this link and upload it. First of all, click on Upload Plugin, a new option will appear. Now click on Choose File to upload the zip file that you have downloaded to your computer.

Upload WooCommerce Serial Numbers

After the installation is complete, activate the plugin by clicking on Activate Plugin.

Activate the uploaded plugin

Steps for the premium version:

Go to my account section on PluginEver. You will find a Downloads tab. Click on it and there you will find your desired files to download. Click on the plugin file to download the premium version.

Download your premium Plugins
Download link to your plugins

Once the download is complete, upload the plugin and install it by clicking on Install Now.

Upload and Install WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO

Activate the premium version after installation by clicking on Activate Plugin.

Activate WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO

You will find a WARNING with an option to enter your license and activate it at the top of your plugins page. Click on Enter your license key it will take you to the proper place.

Warning to Activate WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO

Now go to My Account section. Click on the License Key tab. Here you will find the license key.

WCSN Licening
WCSN Licening

When you click on Enter your license key,  a field will appear immediately below the plugins. This field asks for putting the license key for your premium purchased product. Once the license key is set, your premium plugin is activated and you are all set to go!

WCSN License Activation
Plugin Licensing


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