Automate your earnings from the Envato affiliate program with WP Content Pilot by PluginEver

Automate your earnings from the Envato affiliate program with WP Content Pilot by PluginEver

What is affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest and effective methods of marketing. It is considered as a performance-based marketing where the business commits to reward individual marketer for bringing in visitors and customers. Modern marketing methods like social media marketing based on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites have made it really simple for marketers. Affiliate marketers put their own effort to promote other business and services and those businesses reward them for their service. This creates a win-win situation for both the affiliate marketers and the company that offers an affiliate program.  WP Content Pilot can boost your affiliate marketing revenue effortlessly.

affiliate marketing
Image: Affiliate marketing is a leading form of self-motivated online marketing.

Envato marketplace:

Envato is a digital marketplace that offers creative digital assets for the community. This first growing community is an excellent place for entrepreneurs too. Envato is not a single marketplace. It is, in fact, a collection of marketplaces that work together. The following marketplaces are part of the Envato collection:

  • ThemeForest (website templates and WordPress themes)
  • CodeCanyon (Code, Plugins, and mobile)
  • VideoHive (motion graphics)
  • AudioJungle (stock music and audio)
  • GraphicRiver (graphics, vectors, and illustrations)
  • PhotoDune (photography)
  • 3DOcean (3D models and materials)

Envato also has a list of values that enable them to secure the best interest of its community. The highlight of their value list is given below:

  • When the Community Succeeds, We Succeed
  • The Right People, the Right Environment
  • Tell It Like It Is
  • Focus on Results
  • Not Just the Bottom Line
  • Fair Go
  • Diverse and Inclusive
Envato digital marketplace
Image: Envato digital marketplace

Envato Affiliate Program:

This giant community-based marketplace has an affiliate program to strengthen their marketing efforts with the help of other individual self-motivated marketers. This is not a voluntary work as the affiliate marketers can earn by referring other people to Envato. Envato claims that their affiliates earn more than three million dollars per year. Envato’s affiliate program is powered by the Impact Radius. Impact Radius offers an industry leading platform for the ease of the advertisers. Impact Radius is an individual company and they have brought lots of changes in online advertising. Their intelligent system provides a perfect bridge for performance marketing partnership. Envato affiliate program is really made simple and efficient with Impact Radius. WP Content Pilot can make your Envato affiliate partnership more enjoyable with automatic post generation for your blog.

envato affiliate
Image: Envato offers market leading affiliate program.

How does Envato affiliate program work:

The main goal of every affiliate program is to increase traffic or to increase sell. As an online platform, Envato runs their affiliate program to increase traffic to their site. They have a very smart and easy to follow system to set up a new affiliate account. Envato offers four easy steps to earn from their affiliate program. The steps are described as follows:

  • Create your account
  • Link to element
  • Send traffic
  • Earn money

To get started first of all you have to create an account. You must have guessed that without an account there is no way to track your performance. If you are completely new there is no problem. Furthermore, the Impact Radius powered affiliate program is very powerful and analytic rich. So, keep your worries aside.

Secondly, you have to link with an Envato page and start earning. To make things easy for the affiliate marketers Envato offers a range of a different linking system. Their text snippets, banners, email templates and a massive list of article topics make it really easy for their partners. You will definitely love how things have been arranged for you.

Traffic sending and earning:

Then comes sending traffic to Envato. There is no hard and fast rule on how you generate traffic. Envato allows you to update existing old articles, add their banners to your website, create new content, run social media campaign and of course you can send a newsletter to create traffic. You can choose one or more methods to increase traffic. There is also an option to call Envato and get more ideas from them on how to generate more traffic. Your earning will totally depend on how efficiently are running your campaign. Certainly, you can generate great results by using WP Content Pilot. It will keep doing your work while you are on sleep or enjoying an awesome vacation.

Finally comes the earning, the sweetest part of all. You can earn different amount of money based on your performance. They also offer to earn by sending in an existing subscriber of Envato Market, Studio or Tuts+ customer. You can earn $120 for every new annual subscriber that you send in. Other earning options include $60 for each monthly subscriber. You have to wait for three months to collect the full payment. Envato will give you $20 for three months to match the total $60. Envato really has the industry leading affiliate offers for their associates.

WP Content Pilot:

The WP Content Pilot is an awesome plugin for WordPress. This auto blogging and content curation plugin can automatically create high-quality custom blog posts. If you set everything right the plugin will take care of everything.

Image: WP Content Pilot

Follow this guide for the most productive campaign with Envato and WP Content Pilot:

First of all, you will need an Envato token to get started. Getting the Envato token is very simple. If you do not have any experience of collecting it then follow this link to generate one for your campaign.

After you generate your key go to the WP Content Pilot settings section and then Envato settings. There will be two fields. You have to enter Envato token and Envato username to set everything right. After saving the changes you are all set to start your desired campaign.

Setting Envato token in WP Content Pilot
Image: Setting Envato token in WP Content Pilot

Selecting a new campaign from the WP Content Pilot menu:

Start a new campaign with WP Content Pilot
Image: Start a new campaign with WP Content Pilot

Start your campaign with a meaningful name. The naming is not much important for the campaign but it will help you in the long run. At some point you will have lots of campaign and setting names without any direction will become very confusing.

Start your capmaign with meaningful name
Image: Start your campaign with a meaningful name.

Campaign options: WP Content Pilot has several campaign options that you should select carefully to make an effective outcome. First there comes the campaign type select Envato from the drop down. Then you have to enter keywords for your campaign. Keywords should be clear and you should put a comma in between multiple keywords. After that select an Envato platform to keep going. Envato is a collection of marketplaces so you have to select your desired platform from the drop-down.

Campaign options for WP Content Pilot
Image: Campaign options for WP Content Pilot.

Choose the proper Envato Platform from the drop-down menu:

envato platforms in WP Content Pilot
Image: Envato platforms in WP Content Pilot.

Set the price range to target a specific range. Use the separator carefully to set the minimum and the maximum price you want to target. Next comes the sorting options. You will find a drop-down list with multiple options select the most appropriate option for optimal result. Then you have to deal with the sorting direction option. Here you have two options to set the sorting in ascending or descending order. Set the keyword type based on your preferences. Minimum words, content type, and additional settings will give you more control over your campaign.

Finally, there comes the Post settings and the Advanced settings. Everything is provided with enough details so you do not have any trouble setting your campaign. Post template can look very confusing but this is also very easy to set. Play with the options to notice the changes that it brings and make your final decision. Create a custom category before setting the campaign or you can also use the pre-existing categories to assign to your post.

Post and Advance Settings for WP Content Pilot
Image: Post and Advanced Settings for WP Content Pilot.

Few final touches:

You have come a long way. Now only the final touches are left to make your first automated Envato Campaign with WP Content Pilot. Campaign settings are those important last steps. Here you have options like campaign target. Set a target number as the limit of your campaign. Then comes the campaign frequency. You need to basically set how often you want WP Content Pilot to post for you. You have the freedom to choose from 1-24 hours frequency. Set the frequency to maintain a steady flow of content. Under campaign settings, there is an option called active. Select yes to change your campaign status as active. Otherwise WP Content Pilot will not generate automatic content for you. Hit update at the bottom of the page. Finally, press the run now button.

Run your campaign with WP Content Pilot
Image: Run your campaign with WP Content Pilot

That was everything you needed to do to set the campaign successfully. Now, WP Content Pilot will keep generating posts from your desired Envato platform in the frequency that you have selected. Enjoy productivity by doing less but doing it smartly. WP Content Pilot offers the most convenient and energy efficient features to power your earning from Envato marketplaces. Hope this article was helpful for you. If you a question or want to learn more about WP Content Pilot feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help.

Run your campaign with WP Content Pilot
Image: Run your campaign with WP Content Pilot.

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